The Law Office of Darryl A. Stallworth is a firm that provides a personal touch for its clients. Our personal touch is evidenced by our attentiveness to our clients in terms of visiting clients that are in custody, sending post cards and providing updates to their family members. We are a firm that is concerned about the future of our clients and works on creating a liaison for job and mentoring programs, as well as offer references to family and individual counseling when possible. We understand that every individual has their own set of personal struggles and life factors that may limit their choices. Thus, we believe that individualized attention for our client’s needs is crucial for their ability to grow and better themselves and their family relations.

We are a firm with a strong belief in crime prevention. By informing our youth, our clients, and the general public about alternatives for a positive and safer life style, we hope to improve our communities as a whole.

We have put together a DVD titled; Staying out of Jail narrated by attorney Darryl A. Stallworth. Within it, there are segments that provide information regarding certain types of crimes and ways to prevent being involved in such undesired situations. A copy is available to you upon request.







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