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This attorney came as a result of a dear friend of mine recommending him to defend a close family member in a very serious case - a murder case with special circumstances, initially with the DA pursuing the death penalty. The charges and penalty can't get any worse. Upon speaking with Mr. Stallworth initially by phone, his calm and humble nature were enough for my family to select him over another recommendation. He just made us feel like he cared about us, and understood the emotions we were encountering.

Upon agreeing to accept the case, he eventually went to visit my family member, whom he was hired to represent. He was jailed in a different county from which Mr. Stallworth normally practice in. After we spoke with our family member after he had met with Mr. Stallworth, he too was convinced that the right attorney had been hired to defend his life.

Over a 4.5 year period, there were periodic meetings between Mr. Stallworth and his client who remained in jail while awaiting trial, as well as many court appearances. Although the drive to see his client took several hours to get there, Mr. Stallworth was diligent in making visits, never complaining about the 5-hour drive. In his humble demeanor, he was lining up defenses the entire time, quietly preparing his case for trial.

When the time finally arrived for trial, Mr. Stallworth, armored with his strong faith intact, having done homework from every possible angle, went to task. After a 3-month trial, my family could not be more pleased with the outcome. Needless to say, thanks to the dedication, selfless nature, and competence of an attorney who fought for his client and our family, believed in his client, took a chance with the judicial system that worked so favorably for him that the murder charges were DISMISSED and our family member is FREE!!

I highly recommend this attorney. He's a fighter for his clients, and he's highly dedicated, competent, and knows and understands the law. If you need an EXCELLENT lawyer, look no further.